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    Maximum security fingerprint safes

    Maximum security fingerprint safes

    The maximum security fingerprint safes provide you with security and the convenience of easy opening using your fingerprint. Accessing the safe couldn’t be more convenient,  using either the fingerprint sensor, that can store up to 100 fingerprints, a PIN code, or mechanical key.

    Combine fast access and enhanced security with anti-drill plates and laser cut door for maximum security against all attacks. You are also able to deter any unwanted visitors with lock down for one minute after 3 incorrect attempts.

    The range has been attack tested by independent testing authorities and achieves a  Sold Secure Silver approval.Whether it’s your camera to capture those special moments or a sentimental belonging, we have the right safe to suit you.You Value it, We Protect it.

    Key features:

    • Fingerprint access and the ability to store up to 100 fingerprints

    •Anti-drill plate and laser-cut door for maximum security against attacks• Lock down for one minute after three incorrect attempts

    Additional features:

    • Protect documents, jewellery, keys or any other valuable items

    • Motorised locking mechanism with two anti-saw locking bolts (22mm)

    • Maximum security mechanical over-ride lock that includes one double-bitted high security key

    • PIN code access with master and user codes

    • Sprung door - swings open automatically for easy access

    • Clear LCD keypad display

    • Internal LED illumination for contents to be easily seen

    • Internal hooks for easy key storage

    • Must be securely mounted with fixings provided to a wall or floor