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    Our Smart Home app just got Smarter

    Our Smart Home app just got Smarter

    The Yale Home app is now even smarter with new features. Apple users can now login to the app using Touch or Face ID depending on the model of their iPhone. This allows for extra access protection to the app without the user having to completely log out. To activate this new feature on iPhone, go to Settings > Users > App security. If the user leaves the app they will be asked to authenticate using facial, or, finger-print recognition when they want to re-open the app.

    For Andriod users the Yale Home app now supports fingerprint authentication for phone models with fingerprint readers. This can be activated in Settings > Users > App security. If the user leaves the app for more than 2 minutes they will be asked to authenticate themselves with fingerprint when they re-open the app. 

    Apple iOS users can now also add the Yale Home app as a widget onto their home screens. It will display the state of the alarm & connected smart door locks, whilst Android users can make use of the “Sticky notifications” option to similar effect. This makes it easier to see the status of your system without having to navigate and opening the app. 

    Apple watch users (Series 2 onwards) running watch iOS 5 or later, can now access the Yale Home app on their smart watches. Easily control your alarm & smart door locks remotely from your wrist.

    Yale is constantly upgrading and updating its’ apps in order to improve user experience and security. All Yale app’s are available to download for free on both Andriod & iOS platforms. Users can secure their homes without the commitment of monthly service fees.