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    Protect your valuables in a Yale safe.

    Protect your valuables in a Yale safe.

    The need to protect your valuables in a secure and convenient way is on the rise and it’s essential for you to ensure that your valuables are highly protected and kept safe.We have a range of securty safes that are SABS SANS compliant. The range offers the safes in four sizes,smallmediumlarge and the laptop option.

    The safes have been tested and registered as compliant to South African National Standards newest standard for domestic safes, SANS 1761. These safes are the first ones in South Africa to receive accreditation. This accreditation assures you of the best quality and protection you need to secure your assets at home, guest house and for your small business.

    The safes allow for two sets of codes, a master code and a user code. These safes have a handy built-in tamper alarm. High decibel audible sirens activate if the safes are tampered with or whenever the safe has been hit. The safes also include LCD displays which allow for an interactive user experience. If an alarm has been triggered, a notification message will be displayed on the LCD screen to inform the user.

    In the event that the safe’s internal batteries run flat and you need to open your safe, you can simply use the emergency external battery connection terminal which will enable you to input your code or the option of a mechanical override key can be used.

    Keep your valuables safe with Yale’s alarmed security safes which guarantee you the highest level of security.