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    Secure your home. Door security tips.

    Secure your home. Door security tips.

    Your external doors (front and back) are one of your first lines of defense. It’s important to use a good quality cylinder or 4-lever mortice lock, in conjunction with an additional security device such as a deadbolt or night latch, to secure your external door.

    We suggest using a cylinder lock for high security applications such as external entrance doors and lever locks on internal doors. Unlike lever locks where additional keys can be purchased off the shelf, just by knowing the reference number, cylinder keys must be duplicated from an original. Cylinders also offer a higher number of key differs (up to 15 000) than a lever lock does. The number of levers a mortice lock has, determines the number of key differs.

    If a 2-lever lock is installed, by purchasing 20 off-the-shelf keys, will basically guranteed that the lock could be unlocked - therfore these locks should only be used for basic security applications such as bedroom and bathroom doors. The more key differs the higher the level of security.

    Replace hollow core external doors with solid wood, fiberglass or metal. Make sure hinges are mounted to the inside of the door to prevent potential intruders from removing the pins and pulling the door out of the frame.

    Because it’s often out of sight, your back door is particularly vulnerable. Again, by fitting the right kind of security solutions, you’re making a potential thiefs life more difficult and decreasing the likely-hood of a successful burglary.

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