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    Unlock your Smart Door Lock with your smartphone

    Unlock your Smart Door Lock with your smartphone

    In the home of the future, a smart home will open with a smart door.

    Did you know that more and more homeowners want the ability to control their home security remotely and this means the days of worrying that you’ve forgotten your keys are over. With a Smart Door Lock from Yale, you have the option to control your door remotely via your smartphone, use a PIN code, RF Tag and even RF Cards to unlock your door.

    We’ve all been there when you’ve had your hands full coming home from work and have struggled to find keys and unlock your door? Or maybe you’ve wanted to let your family, friends or visitors in if they’ve arrived on your doorstep early before you’ve reached your home.

    All of this is achievable when a Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock is installed and paired with a Yale Smart Hub. Using the latest technology the Smart Door Lock provides a complete keyless solution to give you peace of mind and full control over your home security.

    The Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock makes domestic key troubles a thing of the past: there’s no longer any need to get a spare set cut for kids, cleaners, carers or temporary workers. A couple of swipes on a smartphone is all it takes to open remotely via the Yale Home app or even revoke access to previously validated users.

    The Keyless Connected Smart Lock works equally well as a stand-alone solution or can also be connected to various Home Automation partner systems too.

    Clint Jones, Product & Marketing Manager for Yale SA, said: “Yale is renowned for its expertise in locking solutions and we’re using the latest technology to keep your home secure.”